Alexis and Bret | Amarillo Wedding Photography / by Katy Pair

I have gotten to know Alexis over the past year and was so excited to have the privilege of taking pictures at her wedding! I am just so happy for her and Bret. They seem so great for each other and I got to see how good they are as parents to there combined five kids, yes I said five! They are certainly going to have their hands full, but I know God put them together because he knows they make a great family!

Wedding details: Coordination: Nicole Johnson Plants in Chapel: Pete’s Greenhouse, Buffy & Darren Ruthardt Flowers in reception: Molly Brown Brides hair: Adrianne Glaesman Girl’s hair: Helen McNamara, Dallas Make up: Maureen Walker Cake: Ms Piggy’s Soloist: Sona Wolf Piano: Susan Burt Trumpet: Mike Burt