Katie & Matthew | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography / by Katy Pair

I loved shooting Katie and Matthew's wedding! They are so in love and I found myself tearing up while editing their photos I was so happy for them! I guess you know you love your job when that happens. I had such a great time getting to know Katie and Matthew and I am so excited for their future! Congratulations!! Blake 1

Venue for Wedding and reception: Central Church of Christ
Wedding coordination: Parie Villyard - Parie Designs
Reception coordination: Parie Villyard - Parie Designs
Flowers: Parie Designs
Hair: Crystal Zamora - Wade Gordon Salon
Make up: Leslie Weaver - Wade Gordon Salon
Catering: Frank's Bakery, Friends and Family of the Bride and Groom
Cake: Kevin and Michele Schaffer
Music: Jamie McCarrell, Spotify, Parie Designs