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Project 2: Scantastic by Katy Pair


Project 2: Scantastic I had a lot of fun with this project! This one the objective was to take picture, with my scanner. I had fun looking for stuff around my house to scan. Some things worked better than others (some experimentation not included). I love the way the 3d objects looked captured this way because the depth of field is so interesting! I think these images turned out looking rich and pretty cool!

I hope you enjoy!


Project 1: Patterns by Katy Pair

Project 1: Patterns This project was pretty easy and fun, but definitely already got me thinking about different types of things. I have been looking for patterns everywhere I go, it made it easier to find one of these patterns in my own house. Some are obvious and some are more abstract. Can you guess what some of these close up pictures might be?

Experiments! | portraits in alternative process by Katy Pair

I did my photo thesis in school of tintypes of African people and animals you can see some samples here (at the bottom of the page): I have a passion to do alternative processes and have been working on doing portraits in them! I have attached a couple I have been playing with  below. Part of the beauty of these prints is how they are all one of a kind

silver gelatin on copper:


The Benge Family | Maternity Photography by Katy Pair

Carmen, Jeremy and Cayli have become great friends over the past year and I just adore them, so I was really excited to take their maternity pictures! Carmen is such a great mother already and Jeremy is a really great dad and I know Cayli is going to be a wonderful sister! What a blessed addition to their family!!

Lily and Dustin | Bridal at PDC Lighthouse by Katy Pair

Lily and Dustin are such a great couple and we had so much fun on this adventurous shoot in Palo Duro Canyon! We hiked to the lighthouse - dress/suit and all. It was pretty hot and we got a lot of exercise and strange looks, but it was worth the work for these pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog today!

The Greens in Florida by Katy Pair

We went on vacation to Florida with our good friends Dusty and Nikki who had just celebrated their 10 year anniversary! I was so glad to have the honor to document this landmark in their lives!!

New Mexico - White Sands by Katy Pair


I went to White Sands in NM ( a few years ago to visit my lovely and great friend Judy! We had such a blast sledding and playing in the sand!! If you haven't been I recommend going, it is really cool! Anyway edited a few of these that I needed for a show and haven't even been back to edited the rest of them. I need to do that! I still have a few to share!!

Dalhart's Mission Theater by Katy Pair

Last week I went with a group from the church to check out the Mission theater in Dalhart. This is going to be the new home of Hillside's Dalhart campus and it is super cool!! While looking around I took tons of pictures for the church but a few fun pics for me to play with....they are below! Thanks for checking them out!!

The fire in the Palisades by Katy Pair


As most of you know we had some terrible grass fires in Amarillo last Sunday in residential areas. Our church went out on Saturday to help a member who had lost his home in one of those fires. Steve and I went to help with the clean up and I got a few pictures. I ask everyone who sees this to please keep this man and all of the others who lost there homes in your prayers. I can't imagine how devastating it might be for something like this to happen.

Jefferson, TX by Katy Pair


Jefferson, TX March 2008:

I went with a couple of friends to Jefferson, TX to see the little haunted town. We stayed in the Excelsior House Hotel, which we were told was supposed to be the most haunted hotel in TX. I documented the trip with photos and have included a few below. It was a really cool town! We did have a couple scary things happens, including an entire card of about 300 photos being somehow erased.

Gruene Night shoot by Katy Pair

Gruene TX, 2004: Gruene Texas This shoot was taken in one of my college classes, my photographer took a group of us out to do some night shooting. These photos are the only 3 from the shoot that I have scanned in, but they are done on film and the exposures were at least 10 minutes. We had to go about 4 in the morning to avoid having any traffic.

15 & one Photo Shoot by Katy Pair

Amarillo, TX December 20, 2010: This shoot was for a show that a group of photographers in Amarillo photographers put together. The assignment was where each of 15 photographers had a specific area of downtown to shoot whatever you wanted. I chose to have a model (a very awesome model) in my shots. The horse head idea is to go with the theme of the horses in center city. The first photo was the one that made the cut for the show (each person put in one photo) but I wanted to put a few of the series on here! Enjoy!!