Country Home Weddings Amarillo

Jana & Keelan | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Jana and Keelan's wedding was just beautiful. She was such a beautiful bride and it was so special to me to be able to be a part of their day. I am so excited for them and their future together!!

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Venue for Wedding and reception: Country Home Weddings
Wedding coordination: Tammy Money
Dress: David’s Bridals
Reception coordination: Tammy Money
Flowers: Scott’s Flowers
Hair: Chelbye Taylor | Vega, TX
Make up: Paulette Scott at Scarlet Door Salon & Day Spa
Catering: Country Home Weddings, Dennis Brooks
Cake: Tiffany Fowler
Music: Tim Money
First dance song: First Dance by Corey Smith

Marissa & Matt | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Marissa and Matt had such a beautiful wedding! I found out they have a pretty awesome story, they both recently graduated college, but went to 2 different colleges and were able to keep their relationship strong through that. You can really see how much in love they are in the way they look at each other! This was one of those wedding I left just feeling so happy and excited for their futures together! Thanks for making me a part of such a wonderful day!!
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Ceremony and reception - Country home weddings
Wedding and reception coordination - Tammy Money
Makeup - Kelsey Kucera (806) 290-3212
Hair- Norma at Vu Ja De salon
Music- Tom Money, DJ for Country home weddings

Marissa Bridal Portraits | Amarillo Bridal Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Marissa and Matt had such a beautiful wedding this past Saturday, it is always risky to plan an outdoor wedding in April, but the Lord blessed them with a perfect day! I have a very brief sneek peak, but also am so excited to be able to finally post Marissa's bridal portraits! Marissa and Matt IMG_0221 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_088bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_167bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_036bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_035 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_109 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_138bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_164 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_163 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_132 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_118 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_111 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_149 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_170 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_172 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_178 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_183 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_192 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_165 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_143 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_028_8x10a 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_028bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_020 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_088 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_167 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_107 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_116 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_108 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_167 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_116bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_128 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_163bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_170bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_108bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_026 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_107bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_158 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_152 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_158bw 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_028_8x10b 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_032 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_034 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_116 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_050 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_066 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_038 2013, 3-4 Marissa Smith_KatyPair_036