Katy Pair Photography

Ali and Memo | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Ali and Memo's wedding was so much fun! I was so excited to be a part of their special day. Well first of all, the reception entertainment was Drew Blood & The Pickled Punk Sideshow, I was a little nervous about cringing through some parts, especially when he hung a purse from his bottom eyelids, but I found myself thoroughly enjoying the reactions from the crowd! Cringing, laughing looks of disbelief...it was great! But more importantly, I loved being a part of this wedding because it was a beautiful ceremony for Ali and Memo, it completely showed their personalities and I had so much fun working with them! Congratulations to the bride and groom!!


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Flowers: Made by the bride, her family and friends (WOW! They are awesome!!)

Hair: McKenna Fleming

Make up: Amanda Fike

Catering: Carlos & Evangelina Gallardo

Cake: The Cake Company of Canyon

Entertainment: Drew Blood & The Pickled Punk Sideshow


Jana & Keelan | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Jana and Keelan's wedding was just beautiful. She was such a beautiful bride and it was so special to me to be able to be a part of their day. I am so excited for them and their future together!!

KatyPairPhotography_Weddings072 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings073 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings074 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings071 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings075 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings076 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings077 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings078 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings079 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings080 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings081 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings089 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings083 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings084 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings082 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings085 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings086 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings087 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings088 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings090 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings091 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings092 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings093 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings095 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings096 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings097 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings098 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings099 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings101 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings100 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings102 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings103 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings104 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings106 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings107 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings108 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings109 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings110 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings111 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings112 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings113 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings115 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings116 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings117 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings118 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings119 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings120 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings121 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings122 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings123 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings124 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings125 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings127 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings128 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings129 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings130 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings131 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings132 KatyPairPhotography_Weddings133

Venue for Wedding and reception: Country Home Weddings
Wedding coordination: Tammy Money
Dress: David’s Bridals
Reception coordination: Tammy Money
Flowers: Scott’s Flowers
Hair: Chelbye Taylor | Vega, TX
Make up: Paulette Scott at Scarlet Door Salon & Day Spa
Catering: Country Home Weddings, Dennis Brooks
Cake: Tiffany Fowler
Music: Tim Money
First dance song: First Dance by Corey Smith

Sarah & David | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Sarah and David are such a fun couple, this was one of those weddings where I just smiled the whole way through editing because loved watching their personalities! During there engagement session they revealed to me that they have a secret handshake, which is about the most awesome thing ever! You could see how much they truly enjoy each other. I loved being a part of it! Congratulations!!!  

KatyPairPhotographyS&D66 KatyPairPhotographyS&D65 KatyPairPhotographyS&D01 KatyPairPhotographyS&D02 KatyPairPhotographyS&D07 KatyPairPhotographyS&D09 KatyPairPhotographyS&D08 KatyPairPhotographyS&D41 KatyPairPhotographyS&D11 KatyPairPhotographyS&D14 KatyPairPhotographyS&D12 KatyPairPhotographyS&D13 KatyPairPhotographyS&D40 KatyPairPhotographyS&D05 KatyPairPhotographyS&D18 KatyPairPhotographyS&D19 KatyPairPhotographyS&D20 KatyPairPhotographyS&D21 KatyPairPhotographyS&D22 KatyPairPhotographyS&D23 KatyPairPhotographyS&D24 KatyPairPhotographyS&D25 KatyPairPhotographyS&D26 KatyPairPhotographyS&D27 KatyPairPhotographyS&D57 KatyPairPhotographyS&D28 KatyPairPhotographyS&D32 KatyPairPhotographyS&D31 KatyPairPhotographyS&D29 KatyPairPhotographyS&D30 KatyPairPhotographyS&D34 KatyPairPhotographyS&D33 KatyPairPhotographyS&D15 KatyPairPhotographyS&D16 KatyPairPhotographyS&D17 KatyPairPhotographyS&D35 KatyPairPhotographyS&D42 KatyPairPhotographyS&D43 KatyPairPhotographyS&D44 KatyPairPhotographyS&D45 KatyPairPhotographyS&D46 KatyPairPhotographyS&D47 KatyPairPhotographyS&D48 KatyPairPhotographyS&D37 KatyPairPhotographyS&D38 KatyPairPhotographyS&D39 KatyPairPhotographyS&D56 KatyPairPhotographyS&D49 KatyPairPhotographyS&D50 KatyPairPhotographyS&D51 KatyPairPhotographyS&D52 KatyPairPhotographyS&D53 KatyPairPhotographyS&D54 KatyPairPhotographyS&D55 KatyPairPhotographyS&D58 KatyPairPhotographyS&D59 KatyPairPhotographyS&D60 KatyPairPhotographyS&D06 KatyPairPhotographyS&D04 KatyPairPhotographyS&D61 KatyPairPhotographyS&D62 KatyPairPhotographyS&D64 KatyPairPhotographyS&D63 KatyPairPhotographyS&D67 KatyPairPhotographyS&D68 KatyPairPhotographyS&D69 KatyPairPhotographyS&D70 KatyPairPhotographyS&D71 KatyPairPhotographyS&D72 KatyPairPhotographyS&D73 KatyPairPhotographyS&D74 KatyPairPhotographyS&D75 KatyPairPhotographyS&D76 KatyPairPhotographyS&D77 KatyPairPhotographyS&D78

The Rich Family | Amarillo Family Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

I have been terrible about getting many family sessions up from the holidays, I love this one though! What a beautiful and fun family! I was truly blessed to work with them!!  

2013, 12-16 Rich family-147 2013, 12-16 Rich family-73 2013, 12-16 Rich family-94bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-31 2013, 12-16 Rich family-26bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-51 2013, 12-16 Rich family-89bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-176 2013, 12-16 Rich family-123bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-129 2013, 12-16 Rich family-61 2013, 12-16 Rich family-168bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-77

Braxton and Mary | Amarillo Reveal Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

  This was so much fun! I loved getting to watch Braxton and Mary find out that they are having a girl!! I felt so special to be a part of the whole thing!


2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-5 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-16 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-18 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-19 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-24 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-43 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-86 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-92bw 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-97 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-66bw 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-108 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-114 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-124 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-132 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-140 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-151bw 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-143 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-187 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-196 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-172 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-143bw 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-121

Smith Family | Amarillo Family Photographer | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

I am way behind on my blogging, it is a blessing that I have been so busy I haven't had time to blog, but I want to share all of these beautiful fall sessions with you all! So I am going to get a few of these blogged over the next week! This session was so much fun, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful spot to shoot this family!  

2013, 10-12 Smith family-54 2013, 10-12 Smith family-151 2013, 10-12 Smith family-98 2013, 10-12 Smith family-80 2013, 10-12 Smith family-62 2013, 10-12 Smith family-16 2013, 10-12 Smith family-36bw 2013, 10-12 Smith family-101 2013, 10-12 Smith family-109 2013, 10-12 Smith family-112 2013, 10-12 Smith family-128 2013, 10-12 Smith family-130 2013, 10-12 Smith family-101bw 2013, 10-12 Smith family-54bw 2013, 10-12 Smith family-56

Marissa & Matt | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Marissa and Matt had such a beautiful wedding! I found out they have a pretty awesome story, they both recently graduated college, but went to 2 different colleges and were able to keep their relationship strong through that. You can really see how much in love they are in the way they look at each other! This was one of those wedding I left just feeling so happy and excited for their futures together! Thanks for making me a part of such a wonderful day!!
MackayBLOG1 MackayBLOG2 MackayBLOG3 MackayBLOG4 MackayBLOG5 MackayBLOG6 MackayBLOG7 MackayBLOG8 MackayBLOG9 MackayBLOG10 MackayBLOG11 MackayBLOG12 MackayBLOG13 MackayBLOG14 MackayBLOG15 MackayBLOG16 MackayBLOG17
Ceremony and reception - Country home weddings
Wedding and reception coordination - Tammy Money
Makeup - Kelsey Kucera (806) 290-3212
Hair- Norma at Vu Ja De salon
Music- Tom Money, DJ for Country home weddings

Josephine | Amarillo Baby Photography | Katy Pair photography by Katy Pair

So, I am a little late on this one...You will be seeing some past blogs up soon, lots of kiddos that I haven't been having time to post! Get ready for extra cute on this one! I love how this sweet girl always smiles, even since she was much smaller, I can always could on a smile from sweet Josephine! LOVE this sweet bab2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-99bw 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-71 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-6 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-4bw 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-102 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-45 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-94 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-107 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-19 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-55bw 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-52 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-5bw 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-80 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-85bw 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-16 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-38 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-77 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-64bw 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-61 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-31 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-42 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-21bw 2013, 1-26 Josephine White one year-86  

Katie & Matthew | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

I loved shooting Katie and Matthew's wedding! They are so in love and I found myself tearing up while editing their photos I was so happy for them! I guess you know you love your job when that happens. I had such a great time getting to know Katie and Matthew and I am so excited for their future! Congratulations!! Blake 1

Venue for Wedding and reception: Central Church of Christ
Wedding coordination: Parie Villyard - Parie Designs
Reception coordination: Parie Villyard - Parie Designs
Flowers: Parie Designs
Hair: Crystal Zamora - Wade Gordon Salon
Make up: Leslie Weaver - Wade Gordon Salon
Catering: Frank's Bakery, Friends and Family of the Bride and Groom
Cake: Kevin and Michele Schaffer
Music: Jamie McCarrell, Spotify, Parie Designs

Sam | Amarillo Pet Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

As all of my dog loving friends know, dogs are so special and such a blessing you life. Dogs are so selfless and love you NO MATTER what. My dog even thinks I am a good singer - which if you know me, you know very well is not even close to true. But she humors me =) This photo session was taken for a friend of mine, Kheli, who is a person who loves dogs very much! She is actually a dog trainer - who was instrumental in helping Steve and I introduce and have a good relationship between our dogs when we got married. Look her up: Texas Paws Dog Training. Unfortunately they found out her sweet dog, Sam, had cancer and Kheli wanted to have some nice photos made of him. I wish I had gotten this blog up a little bit sooner, and sadly Sam passed away, but I still wanted to post this in honor of his life and how much joy he brought Kheli and her family. Sam 1 Sam 2 Sam 3