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Destiny | Amarillo Senior Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

I love senior portraits, especially with a senior as awesome as Destiny! It was so much fun see all of her cute outfits let her have her moment to shine in front of the camera. Congratulations on your senior year Destiny!!  

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Monica | Amarillo Senior Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Look at this beautiful senior!! It was such a great experience for me to be able to shoot Monica's senior pictures! She is the niece of a great friend of mine who has told me all about all about her and how hard she has been working in school. I loved spending this time with her, getting to see how awesome she really is! Congratulations on your graduation Monica!!


Katy Pair Photography_Senior 01 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 02 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 03 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 04 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 05 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 06 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 07 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 08 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 09 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 10 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 11 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 12 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 13 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 14 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 15 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 16 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 17 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 18 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 19 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 20 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 21 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 22 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 23 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 24 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 25 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 26 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 27 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 28 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 29 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 30 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 31 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 32 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 33 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 34

The Strawns | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

What started off as a frightful Saturday morning turned out to be beautiful a day. The location turned out to be perfect for Scott and his son, it allowed both of their personalities to shine! The snow just provided that perfect last touch to the shoot, it was really an awesome morning.

Jon and Jamie | Amarillo Engagement Photography by Katy Pair

It was so great getting to know Jamie and Jon. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that when I complimented Jon's boots, he lifted his pants up to reveal Texas Tech boots. They are a really great couple, and I wish them all the best with their up coming wedding!!

Iris | Amarillo Senior Photography by Katy Pair

I had so much fun getting to know Iris and her sister Lucy! Iris was a natural in front of the camera. I can't wait to see them again and I wish Iris the best graduating this year!

Noel and Nikolay | Amarillo Engagement Photography by Katy Pair

Noel and Nikolay were great! It was a pretty cold morning but we all hung in there and had some fun! I just love their vintage style! I am so happy to be included in their engagement and am looking forward to their wedding!

DeBusk Family | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

I had so much fun with the DeBusk family! First of all, figuring out I knew Christi back in school growing up was an exciting surprise. Then getting to know the kids personalities was so much fun! And I loved when Christi told me how shy Aubrey was and I look over and she is modeling for the camera, we were both surprised! I will tell you, with three kids Christi and Topher have their hands full, I was pretty worn out when we were finished!

Cristy and Kevin | Amarillo Engagement Photographer by Katy Pair


I had a great time getting to know Cristy and Kevin on this engagement shoot. I am always looking to find a spot that is meaningful for my clients and when Cristy suggested Caprock campus where they both went to high school, I was very excited! I am just so happy for Cristy and Kevin and can't wait for their wedding!

Leslie and Jared | Amarillo Engagement Photographer by Katy Pair


Leslie and Jared were such a cute couple!! They got so tired of me telling them that, but they really had so much fun together and I loved capturing that great relationship!

Heran | Amarillo Portrait Photographer by Katy Pair

I love shooting outside in the natural light. However, on this particular Saturday morning it was more than a little bit chilly. Heran was a trooper, braving the weather in a suit...then a tee-shirt. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Heran and his sister, a big thanks to them for braving the cold!

The Green Family Winter Wonderland | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

This shoot with the full Green family was impromptu but great! The trees were so beautiful and frosty. I was so happy when Aaron called me to see if we could get some pictures before the trees melted. This family is just so much fun to photograph because they are so close and have so much fun together! Even though it was pretty cold, they toughed it out and we ended up with some winter wonderland photos.

Angela | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

I had so much fun on this shoot. Talk about a family who is close and enjoys spending time together!! When Angela asked if we could do one with them hanging from the rafters, I knew I was in for a good time!!

The Greens | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

I am so happy I finally got to meet Aaron, Kip, and their super sweet and cute kids! I felt like I knew them already since I have heard so many wonderful things from Kip's brother and sister in law. Aiden was so cute and he was ALL boy, and Makenna was such a beautiful girl, who loves her mom so much. Can't wait to see them again!!

The Burke Family =) by Katy Pair

I have taken pictures of the Burke's from bridal portraits through now with two kids...I love them!! Such a beautiful family =)

15 & one Photo Shoot by Katy Pair

Amarillo, TX December 20, 2010: This shoot was for a show that a group of photographers in Amarillo photographers put together. The assignment was where each of 15 photographers had a specific area of downtown to shoot whatever you wanted. I chose to have a model (a very awesome model) in my shots. The horse head idea is to go with the theme of the horses in center city. The first photo was the one that made the cut for the show (each person put in one photo) but I wanted to put a few of the series on here! Enjoy!!