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Destiny | Amarillo Senior Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

I love senior portraits, especially with a senior as awesome as Destiny! It was so much fun see all of her cute outfits let her have her moment to shine in front of the camera. Congratulations on your senior year Destiny!!  

Katy Pair Photography_Senior01 Katy Pair Photography_Senior02 Katy Pair Photography_Senior03 Katy Pair Photography_Senior04 Katy Pair Photography_Senior05 Katy Pair Photography_Senior06 Katy Pair Photography_Senior07 Katy Pair Photography_Senior08 Katy Pair Photography_Senior09 Katy Pair Photography_Senior10 Katy Pair Photography_Senior11 Katy Pair Photography_Senior12 Katy Pair Photography_Senior13 Katy Pair Photography_Senior14 Katy Pair Photography_Senior15 Katy Pair Photography_Senior16 Katy Pair Photography_Senior17 Katy Pair Photography_Senior18 Katy Pair Photography_Senior19 Katy Pair Photography_Senior20 Katy Pair Photography_Senior21 Katy Pair Photography_Senior22 Katy Pair Photography_Senior23 Katy Pair Photography_Senior24 Katy Pair Photography_Senior25 Katy Pair Photography_Senior26

Monica | Amarillo Senior Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Look at this beautiful senior!! It was such a great experience for me to be able to shoot Monica's senior pictures! She is the niece of a great friend of mine who has told me all about all about her and how hard she has been working in school. I loved spending this time with her, getting to see how awesome she really is! Congratulations on your graduation Monica!!


Katy Pair Photography_Senior 01 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 02 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 03 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 04 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 05 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 06 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 07 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 08 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 09 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 10 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 11 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 12 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 13 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 14 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 15 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 16 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 17 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 18 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 19 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 20 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 21 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 22 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 23 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 24 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 25 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 26 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 27 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 28 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 29 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 30 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 31 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 32 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 33 Katy Pair Photography_Senior 34

The Rich Family | Amarillo Family Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

I have been terrible about getting many family sessions up from the holidays, I love this one though! What a beautiful and fun family! I was truly blessed to work with them!!  

2013, 12-16 Rich family-147 2013, 12-16 Rich family-73 2013, 12-16 Rich family-94bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-31 2013, 12-16 Rich family-26bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-51 2013, 12-16 Rich family-89bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-176 2013, 12-16 Rich family-123bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-129 2013, 12-16 Rich family-61 2013, 12-16 Rich family-168bw 2013, 12-16 Rich family-77

Kelly & Robert | Dallas Maternity Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Maternity photography is so much fun for me! I love seeing the connection between the parents and the baby before they even meet. This one was especially fun because I happen to know Kelly and Robert pretty well, they are my cousins. It makes me so happy to play a part in capturing their memories and feelings during this precious moment in their lives. I hope you enjoy looking through these beautiful images of the parents to be.

Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair22 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair20 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair18 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair30 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair15 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair07 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair16 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair14 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair13 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair23 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair24 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair10 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair29 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair28 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair08 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair11 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair19 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair12 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair24 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair21 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair25 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair09 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair17 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair27 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair04 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair03 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair15 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair10 Dallas Maternity photography Katy Pair 2

Braxton and Mary | Amarillo Reveal Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

  This was so much fun! I loved getting to watch Braxton and Mary find out that they are having a girl!! I felt so special to be a part of the whole thing!


2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-5 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-16 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-18 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-19 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-24 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-43 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-86 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-92bw 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-97 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-66bw 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-108 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-114 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-124 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-132 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-140 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-151bw 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-143 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-187 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-196 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-172 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-143bw 2013, 11-25 Bjork reveal-121

Smith Family | Amarillo Family Photographer | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

I am way behind on my blogging, it is a blessing that I have been so busy I haven't had time to blog, but I want to share all of these beautiful fall sessions with you all! So I am going to get a few of these blogged over the next week! This session was so much fun, I couldn't have asked for a more beautiful spot to shoot this family!  

2013, 10-12 Smith family-54 2013, 10-12 Smith family-151 2013, 10-12 Smith family-98 2013, 10-12 Smith family-80 2013, 10-12 Smith family-62 2013, 10-12 Smith family-16 2013, 10-12 Smith family-36bw 2013, 10-12 Smith family-101 2013, 10-12 Smith family-109 2013, 10-12 Smith family-112 2013, 10-12 Smith family-128 2013, 10-12 Smith family-130 2013, 10-12 Smith family-101bw 2013, 10-12 Smith family-54bw 2013, 10-12 Smith family-56

Rachel & Trea | Amarillo Maternity Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

Rachel and Trae are expecting there first baby boy in about a month. We chose a gorgeous night, beautiful location, and amazing couple - and I had so much fun on this session! Congratulations!! 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-80 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-74 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-38 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-4 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-89 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-81 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-11 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-14 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-30 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-102 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-104 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-77 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-67 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-88 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-21 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-90 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-16 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-96 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-5 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-7 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-41 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-103 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-100 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-84 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-37 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-27 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-1 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-98 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-51 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-55 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-65 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-10 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-92 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-50 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-70 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-76 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-20 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-42 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-72 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-78 (1) 2013, 8-21 Sweatt Maternity-34

Mommy & Me Mothers Day Special | Katy Pair Photography | Amarillo Family Photography by Katy Pair

Pamper your Mom, Wife or Grandmother with a mini session! These make the perfect Mother day gifts!! I have made a bed set for these mini sessions to create a great location for some really fun and intimate portraits of moms and grandmothers with their babies!! I will be doing 20 minute sessions on June 1, 2013. I will only have 10 spots available so you better sign up quick!! The session includes a 20 minutes sitting, 3 digital images with print release and 1 5x7 print. Call me at 806.418.5466 or email at to schedule!

mothers day promo 1 mothers day promo 2 mothers day promo 3 mothers day promo 4 mothers day promo 5

Sam | Amarillo Pet Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

As all of my dog loving friends know, dogs are so special and such a blessing you life. Dogs are so selfless and love you NO MATTER what. My dog even thinks I am a good singer - which if you know me, you know very well is not even close to true. But she humors me =) This photo session was taken for a friend of mine, Kheli, who is a person who loves dogs very much! She is actually a dog trainer - who was instrumental in helping Steve and I introduce and have a good relationship between our dogs when we got married. Look her up: Texas Paws Dog Training. Unfortunately they found out her sweet dog, Sam, had cancer and Kheli wanted to have some nice photos made of him. I wish I had gotten this blog up a little bit sooner, and sadly Sam passed away, but I still wanted to post this in honor of his life and how much joy he brought Kheli and her family. Sam 1 Sam 2 Sam 3

Olivia 3rd birthday | Amarillo Birthday Photography by Katy Pair

I have been way behind on my blogging as you can see! Below are some photos from my nieces 3rd birthday party. I was so happy to spend the day watching her have fun with her friends, jump, play and have lots of cake! I makes me happy I moved back to Amarillo to share these special days with the people I love!

The Parson Family | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Amy and Michael over the past couple years and they are such great, loving, and godly parents! I was so excited to get to spend the evening with them photographing them and their super cute (and energetic) kids! They have a truly beautiful family!  

The Gee Family | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

This shoot was so much fun, I love trying to find a location that really fits a family and the things they love. But Jenni's is so creative she came to me with this idea and I was just so excited to get to take this photos here! This family was so cute and we had so much fun! And thanks Justin for letting me put you to work a little bit!  

Rachel | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

I had so much fun getting to spend the morning with Rachel and her Dad, this was a surprise for Mother’s day so they had to sneak out of the house for these. I loved being a part of their surprise! Rachel is such a fun girl with a great personality, can you tell from her photos??

The Strawns | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

What started off as a frightful Saturday morning turned out to be beautiful a day. The location turned out to be perfect for Scott and his son, it allowed both of their personalities to shine! The snow just provided that perfect last touch to the shoot, it was really an awesome morning.

Maddy | Amarillo Family Photography by Katy Pair

Oh my goodness, Maddy has a lot of energy!! It makes me wish you could bottle that energy and share it. I am very thankful to have the ability to do a job where I have so much fun trying to keep up with a 7 year old. She is such a cute girl and I can tell will grow up to be a beauty...her Dad is going to love that I am sure!

Elijah | Amarillo Family Photography by Katy Pair

Elijah is such a cute little guy!! He listed to everything I asked him to do and was full of smiles! I was majorly impressed with how good he did! Besides the fact that I am great friends with his MaMa, who came along for the shoot. Sandy, Jana, Elijah and I had a lot of fun!!

Iris | Amarillo Senior Photography by Katy Pair

I had so much fun getting to know Iris and her sister Lucy! Iris was a natural in front of the camera. I can't wait to see them again and I wish Iris the best graduating this year!

DeBusk Family | Amarillo Family Photographer by Katy Pair

I had so much fun with the DeBusk family! First of all, figuring out I knew Christi back in school growing up was an exciting surprise. Then getting to know the kids personalities was so much fun! And I loved when Christi told me how shy Aubrey was and I look over and she is modeling for the camera, we were both surprised! I will tell you, with three kids Christi and Topher have their hands full, I was pretty worn out when we were finished!