black and white photography

Heran | Amarillo Portrait Photographer by Katy Pair

I love shooting outside in the natural light. However, on this particular Saturday morning it was more than a little bit chilly. Heran was a trooper, braving the weather in a suit...then a tee-shirt. It was an absolute pleasure getting to know Heran and his sister, a big thanks to them for braving the cold!

New Mexico - White Sands by Katy Pair


I went to White Sands in NM ( a few years ago to visit my lovely and great friend Judy! We had such a blast sledding and playing in the sand!! If you haven't been I recommend going, it is really cool! Anyway edited a few of these that I needed for a show and haven't even been back to edited the rest of them. I need to do that! I still have a few to share!!

Jefferson, TX by Katy Pair


Jefferson, TX March 2008:

I went with a couple of friends to Jefferson, TX to see the little haunted town. We stayed in the Excelsior House Hotel, which we were told was supposed to be the most haunted hotel in TX. I documented the trip with photos and have included a few below. It was a really cool town! We did have a couple scary things happens, including an entire card of about 300 photos being somehow erased.

Gruene Night shoot by Katy Pair

Gruene TX, 2004: Gruene Texas This shoot was taken in one of my college classes, my photographer took a group of us out to do some night shooting. These photos are the only 3 from the shoot that I have scanned in, but they are done on film and the exposures were at least 10 minutes. We had to go about 4 in the morning to avoid having any traffic.