cakes by Vicky Buckelew

Whitney & Seth | Amarillo Wedding Photographer by Katy Pair

I am so happy to be able to share this beautiful wedding between Whitney and Seth! I got to know Whitney while shooting her bridals and I knew she was so sweet and so I knew her wedding was going to be a lot of fun. Seth gave her so many sweet looks throughout the day, I love that so much. It was such a pleasure and an honor to be a part of their special day! See her bridal photos here


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Ceremony: Saint Paul Methodist church

Reception: Happy Community Center

Dress: David's bridal

Flowers: Catherine Huseman/ J & E wholesale

Hair: Miranda

Catering: Skip Simon

Cake: Ashley Knorpp

Music: Ben and Janda Bressler

First Dance: Then by Brad Paisley

Kelcee & Tye | Amarillo Wedding Photography | Katy Pair Photography by Katy Pair

 Nazareth weddings are so awesome! Kelcee and Tye's was no exception, I love when people have traditions that really make their day memorable for them and their guests. This wedding was full of those fun traditions including with the groom pulling the bride up the hill. Right after the ceremony the entire wedding party and their guests walked over to the bottom of the hill to watch the groom pull the bride all the way to the top of the hill on a contraption made by the groomsmen. There is so much fun and excitement during this part of the wedding, I found myself just having a great time shooting it!
Kelcee and her mom have such a great eye for detail every part of this wedding was beautifully decorated. I had such a wonderful time documenting this special day for this great couple and I wish them the very, very best! Thanks to Kelcee and Tye for letting me be a part of this day with them!
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Venue for reception: Community Center in Happy
Wedding Coordination: Jessica Braddock & Mary Beth Gerber
Reception Coordination: Skip Simons & Betty Stockett
Flowers: Vicky Buckelew
Bride's Hair: Vicky Buckelew
Bridesmaide's Hair: Chelsea Schulte
Catering: Robby Bow & Skip Simons
Bride's Cake: Vicky Buckelew
Grooms Cake: Vicky Buckelew
Music: Ben & Janda Bressler